2017 President's Innovation Challenge

The President’s Innovation Challenge prompts the Harvard student body to engage with issues facing the world and discover ways to make the world work better. We challenge you to solve social issues (equitability, sustainability, safety), respond to the desperate need for innovation within the health and science industry, and other areas that transcend categories. The President’s Innovation Challenge is the Harvard i-lab’s vehicle to support students on their journey to turn their desire for a better world into a sustainable venture.


On this platform, you will be submitting your 5-page Business Plan, which is the first component of the competition that will be judged. Your 5-page Business Plan must consist of:


1) Problem/Impact

2) Market Opportunity

3) Solution/Value Proposition

4) Team/Advisors

5) Go-to-Market Plan

6) Progress to Date


If you have any questions, please reach out to our President's Innovation Challenge Coordinator, Josh Nelson, at jnelson@harvard.edu